Standing up for change in Sacramento

Paul Trapani spent his Saturday afternoon marching through the streets of California’s capital. He was glad he did, although the protest also brought him to tears.

AT&T Insider

Monday, June 8, 2020

By Chris Morgan
Staff Writer

Thousands marched for racial justice in Sacramento, California, last weekend. Among them was Paul Trapani, an HR technology consultant.

“I attended because I feel that black people have tried to make their voices heard and bring change for so long.  It’s now 2020 and white people – and all people – really need to stand up to show solidarity and unity,” Paul said.

The march went by the state capitol building and included children and adults of all colors.

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The protest was peaceful.  For Paul, it included moments of poignancy.  “As I marched and shouted the sayings that the crowd was chanting, an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me to where I began to cry and could not chant.  It was a feeling of disbelief that we even have to be out here protesting in the year 2020.

“Everybody - not just black people - need to stand up, say something and most importantly, take action to make positive change.”

This was Paul’s second-ever march – he and his wife, Sheryl, also attended a march for women’s rights several years ago. Paul was “extremely glad” he was part of Saturday’s protest.

“It felt like being a part of the change and not just watching from the sidelines.”