Layered Innovation When Customers Need It Most

Leveraging the Avaya OneCloud Public Network

My greatest satisfaction is witnessing in real time how Avaya partners can take ideas based on customer feedback and immediately turn them into business solutions, leveraging our Avaya OneCloud public network. 

Recently one of Avaya's strategic, long-standing DevConnect partners Starfish Associates asked how they could help us execute our GTM around our Public Cloud services by providing services our customers would value. My first response was not to ask me; ask our customers. 

The Avaya OneCloud network is an open platform as service that enables our customers and partners to build virtually anything with no overhead, no infrastructure, and no massive investment. You simply dream it, build it, and go live! The key to that process is building something of value that companies can easily consume and that solves issues and problems they experience around customer and employee engagement.

The Pandemic Shows Industries Need Agile, Elastic Solutions

So when the Starfish team approached me, I considered the impact of COVID-19 across banking, retail, healthcare, insurance, and governments. Most businesses and their customer call centers were not built to operate efficiently in these new times (excepting perhaps the tech giants of the word, like Amazons, Apple, and Google). 

The result has been each week companies coming to Avaya to tell us what's broken in their systems and asking for agile, elastic solutions that involve minimal risk to daily operations. Many simply do not have the massive capital to invest in brand new infrastructure and products. They are simply looking for solutions to problems, and that’s why layered innovation with no disruption has proved to be massively successful.

Starfish Uncovers a Timely Use Case: Vaccine Appointment Scheduling 

How Avaya OneCloud could best help business was a question the Starfish team took to our joint customers. In a matter of days, what they’d heard was that healthcare companies were getting crushed by logistical tasks around managing and processing vaccinations in local markets. They needed immediate relief to respond to massive spikes in customer calls, emails, and texts to book, schedule, and coordinate vaccinations for different population segments. 

Armed with open access to our carrier network and the Avaya library of open API’s the Starfish team wrote an application that first routes calls into a Cloud-based Virtual agent that would allow callers an option to book and schedule their vaccination appointments. Once the appointment was booked, the application then provided a daily service reminder for the end user concerning their pending initial and secondary vaccine dose appointments. It would also provide details of where and when to go, to try to ensure people were showing up for both shots. This would limit losses from the growing problem of people missing appointments and the vaccine dose going to waste.

Quickly Leveraging the Avaya Library of Open API’s

With the right tools from Avaya and their own expertise, it didn’t take long for the Starfish team to have a possible solution up and running. After customers told them exactly the business pain point, within a week the Starfish team could showcase an application for our Avaya team. Starfish traditionally has focused on amazing management tools for our Aura customers, leveraging traditional SDK and API's that typically take months to build out, test, and validate.

With Avaya OneCloud network, though, engineers can more quickly address the customer needs. John Lucas from Starfish took the lead on learning the API's and building a solution, and he commended how intuitive the API’s are to develop:

"The Avaya OneCloud Open API infrastructure is a fully functional platform that was a tremendous asset in developing custom telephony applications. Working with the API’s and the inbound XML documentation was straightforward and intuitive, with enough examples for reference that it promoted rapid application development.”

Lucas added, “The ease of buying numbers, and tracking usage, was particularly helpful in providing a mechanism we might use to bill back customers. We were able to develop and test a dual factor authentication application in just a few days, and the CPaaS team at Avaya could not have been more helpful.”

Avaya OneCloud and Partner Innovation: Turning Problems into Solutions

What the team at Starfish Associates was able to accomplish illustrates the power and agility of the Avaya OneCloud network, but, more importantly, it illustrates how much and how potentially fast innovation will come from our partners such as Starfish Associates. Within weeks, this partner devised an agile, elastic service. Even better, because it was based on our open platform, it could be integrated in any back and calendaring service like and others. Also, this solution can be implemented in any environment.

What makes this even more exciting is considering future use cases, and the Starfish team is doing just that. Knowing how easily they could turn a business problem into a solution had them discussing more use cases with our team and how we could solve even broader engagement issues. The Starfish team has done a great job illustrating the art of the possible! I can't wait to see what they and other partners do next, and how we jointly drive massive innovation and disruption to this marketplace. The power of the partners is key to our OneCloud success.

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